Brian Beyst CV

Brian Beyst

Co-Founder & Master Cognitive Development Therapist, TransformED

Therapist Experience

2016 - Present

Master Cognitive Development Therapist

Deliver targeted cognitive training to individuals and small groups which strengthen weak skills and enable client outcome goals – and consistently achieve high client outcomes based on pre and post-training assessments. Develop cognitive training procedures designed to strengthen targeted cognitive skills and achieve specified outcomes.

2009 - Present

Executive Director,
Transformational Opportunities

Transformational Opportunities exists to create and establish a variety of opportunities suitable for individuals and families who need a significant, positive, and permanent change in their lives. While there are many opportunities for individuals to get help in their school work or to develop athletic skills in team sports, there are precious few opportunities for individuals and families to receive skills training specifically targeted to help meet stated goals. Current operations include cognitive skills training through TransformED, scholarships for targeted skills training, and economic development programs for individuals graduating from substance abuse rehab and other economically margenalized groups.

2016 - 2018

Senior Director of Marketing
ThreatModeler Software

Developed and implemented comprehensive B2B marketing strategy focusing on multiple online channels resulting in 367% increase in lead generation.

2009 - 2014

Master Cognitive Skills Trainer,
S J Brain Training

Developed procedures to deliver targeted, intensive, and adoptive cognitive training to develop working memory, attention, processing speed, long-term memory, visual and auditory processing, and logic and reasoning. Expanded training procedures to work with multiple clients simultaneously.

Selected Publications

Brain Power Bootcamp

Richard Johnson

Explains the neuroscience behind brain plasticity, and develops a three-day “boot camp” to get individuals started down the path toward increased cognitive skills.

Social Anxiety: From social anxiety to unstoppable confidence

Frank Gibson

Explores possible causes of social anxiety and lays out a proactive, self-help path toward confidence.

teaching Experience

2015 - 2016

Co-Founder & Master Instructor

TransformED College & Career Academy

Developed courses to meet Academy objectives; fit instruction to individual student needs and learning styles.

2012 - 2015

Founding Instructor

Train a Child Center

Developed courses to meet Center objectives; fit instruction to individual student needs and learning styles across a wide span of student ages and development.



Keller Graduate School of Management

MBA in Accounting & Finance Management

Graduated with “High Distinction”


University of Kansas

Graduate Studies in Physics

Publication: Procedures for Including Secondary Electron Emissions in Numerical Simulations of Plasma-Insulator Interactions


Winona State University

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Graduated with honors. Created the University’s first 3D holograms.


Cognitive Training 98%
Strategy Development & Execution 87%
Accounting & Finance Management 93%
Digital Design 81%
Writing 95%