About Us

We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become cognitive function development therapists – it was a journey that still continues….

Jen Beyst

Master Cognitive Function Development Therapist and Executive Director of TransformED

Brian Beyst

Master Cognitive Function Development Therapist and Co-Founder of TransformED

Our story

We began our journey in an effort to help own children overcome their inherent learning difficulties. Using principles from various research-based therapeutic modalities, we created customized interventions that eventually developed into a wide array of activities to target their specific cognitive weaknesses.

From this beginning we formed TransformED to provide a comprehensive approach to transforming the academic / workplace challenges of individuals resistant to “standard” approaches and treatments. Our early work  continued to focus on training deficient cognitive skills with the goal of academic improvement.  We soon noted, however, that as individuals became more proficient and better integrated within their primary cognitive functions, they often realized beneficial transfer beyond their initial goal of academic or workplace performance. Often they reported improved and healthier relationships, greater confidence, lowered frustration, improved impulse control, and so forth. Some individuals were even able to reduce or discontinue use of medications.


Soon thereafter, we realized what we had been doing with a narrow focus on academic improvement could be modified to yield targeted, clinically significant, long-lasting, far-reaching transference effects for those challenged by substance and alcohol abuse, individuals impaired by the impact of emotional or physical trauma, those struggling to overcome chronic or severe emotional or behavioral health  issues, and others whose conditions are associated with or result in cognitive impairment. Indeed, there is a growing body of research literature which points to the beneficial effects of cognitive function development for a broad spectrum of conditions and challenges. 

Our journey — which is far from over — has now taken us to the development of the Cognitive Function Development Institute as an operational program of Transformational Opportunities. The Institute is responsible for developing, promoting, advocating, and otherwise supporting cognitive function development as an evidence-based, research-backed, non-invasive therapeutic treatment.