About Us

We didn’t just wake up one day and decide to become cognitive trainers – it was a journey that still continues….

Jen Beyst

Co-Founder and Executive Director of TransformED

Brian Beyst

Co-Founder and Master Cognitive Trainer for TransformED

Our story

TransformED Training was formed in order to provide a comprehensive approach to transforming the academic / workplace challenges faced by individuals with unique learning profiles. By identifying underlying cognitive weaknesses and specific skills deficits, we developed customized training programs to address these needs and strengthen the cognitive, academic/workplace, and social/emotional skills such that individuals, upon completion, could achieve at levels not previously experienced. In practical terms, this meant better school, work, and family experiences, increased confidence, and reduced frustration.

The founders began this journey in an effort to help their own children navigate learning challenges. Using principles from


various research-based therapy modalities, they developed an array of activities and assembled a plethora of commercially available materials that are used to create custom programs.

After moving to Arizona and assessing the needs of the local community, they decided to work with local substance abuse treatment facilities to help improve therapy outcomes. They experienced success working with individuals in recovery while in Minnesota and found others in the area who shared their desire to help this group.

Recent research studies confirmed that cognitive training increases the efficacy of other therapies used to help those in recovery.